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February 4, 1936 California Retail Hardware Association Meeting, Santa Cruz, California (Image: Sonoma Heritage Collection -- Sonoma County Library)



About Us


Challenges facing retail are nothing new. The smart and adaptive business owner will always find a way to make it work. But, now it's getting complicated. Your competitor has shifted from the store down the street to the big box at the edge of town to the online retailer that is literally in everyone's pocket. Strategies that worked in the past are not going to be effective anymore.  Industry leading companies and associations are too often still clinging to old habits and mindsets.


The California Retail Hardware Association is a path to finding resources to ensure your continued success. Challenges will be easier to handle working with others that are trying to solve the same problems. The store down the street will become your partner as will a network of suppliers that share the goal of making your business more competitive and successful. We believe that by working together we can gain access to powerful resources and information not otherwise available to the individual.


The CRHWA was founded by two industry veterans that have witnessed and experienced the struggles of running a successful small business first hand. Aaron Hichman grew up working in his family’s hardware store before moving into the sales side of the industry.  Matt Rogers purchased the store he worked at while attending college, expanded to multiple locations, and downsized back to one store. He is the owner of Papenhausen Hardware in San Francisco.




How is CRHWA different than other trade associations?

We focus exclusively on California’s hardware industry and the issues that arise with doing business in the state. California is a big market and its different. Much of the ideas and information in the trade are coming from only a few sources far away from here. We think our perspective is important and deserves to be better heard.


Membership benefits include?

  • Network of California business owners and managers

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Members discussion forum

  • Company profile in the membership directory

  • Exposure to new products and vendors

  • Discounts with our business partners

  • Brand exposure (Vendor members)

  • Virtual booth on The Market Floor (Vendor members)

  • Intelligent, relevant insight and opinion

  • Regulation information

  • Discount to all CRHWA events



Thank You.

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